Roman Island is a renowned clothing company that was premiered by brothers, Mr. Arutla Karan Reddy & Mr. Arutla Charan Reddy, in 2011 and has become one of the most valuable choices for majority of the retail clothing stores across India. It is a subsidiary of the massive KRD Group of Industries.


Roman Island is a diverse group that focuses on the Textile & Apparel sectors, i.e., the world of style and fashion for Men’s Clothing, Footwear, and Accessories.


Roman Island primary mission is to help customers create their own personal style statement at an affordable price, our customers will be able to wear confidence and seize the day in style.


History and Achievements:


Roman Island began its business by supplying to 200 MBOs and has rapidly expanded throughout India and around the world, with clients across in Dubai, Nigeria, Tanzania, and the United States of America.


Roman Island has around 60,000 square foot in-house fabric and apparel manufacturing factory that produces 5,000 garments and 600 pairs of footwear per day. A 20,000-square-foot state-of-the-art warehouse outfitted with 5S Japanese process for absolute accuracy and tracking.


We are a Super Stockist & Distributor for approximately 25+ countries, with 35+ clothing brands.


Roman Island has a strong franchise network of 120+ stores in major cities which is highly dedicated and works with integrity and balance.


We have successfully crossed the decade milestone in the fashion industry.


We have it all from manufacturing Uniforms, Fabrics, Private Labelling, Franchise Opportunities to our very own Skill Development Projects.