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India, the world's second most populous country, is rapidly developing in the world of fashion technology. India has become a significant apparel manufacturing industry despite with less labour and lower production prices.

There are several sites where one can obtain high-quality wholesale apparel

Aiming to establish the men's fashion trend to smart while remaining within the realm of minimalism. Mr. Arutla Charan Reddy successfully launched Roman Island, a prestigious men's fashion design house, in 2011.

Roman Island is committed to quality and quantity, and every employee in-house is entirely focused on their work to ensure consumer's pleasure. It is a division of the enormous KRD Group of Industries.

which is a diversified organisation focusing on the Textile and Apparel industries.

Roman Island is a textile powerhouse with world-class infrastructure and a diverse range of fiber-to-fabric capabilities. It is the No.1 brand in OTC and the top seller in high-value cotton shirting materials.

A 60,000-square-foot textile production plant at Roman Island produces 5,000 outfits and 600 pairs of shoes each day. A 20,000-square-foot state-of-the-art warehouse equipped with S5 Japanese technology for perfect accuracy and tracking is available in Roman Island.

Design & Manufacturing unit School, corporate, and military uniforms are all manufactured in the Roman Island factory.

It defines itself by manufacturing special fabrics such as flame retardant, anti-stain, Teflon coated, anti-bacterial, water repellent, and perfumed fabrics.
Medical masks, personal protective equipment, and other technical textile goods are also produced.

Weaving, garmenting, printing, embroidery, and washing are all available in-house.
It offers private labelling for Wholesale clothing with Brand Labels. OEM Service is provided in Roman Island.

Roman Island has been providing franchise opportunities by supplying the full inventory to the store, training employees to run the firm, and aiding with day-to-day operations.
Furthermore, Roman Island collaborates with state governments across India to train jobless people how to enhance their skills and find stable employment.

Roman Island is also open for a Store in Store concept for LFS (Large Format Stores) / Malls.
Buffalo, Blackberrys, Crocodile, Pepe Jeans, Wrogn, Levis, Raymond, Lee Cooper, Van Heusen, Privilege, Flying Machine, John Millers, and many others are among our numerous clients!

While being on a mission of working on modern-day menaissance, we take care of our existing clients and never take their trust for granted!

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